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*When did you first see the film?* i actually think i saw it…

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*When did you first see the film?* i actually think i saw it first when i was a little girl and it first came out, but i don't remember if i saw it in theatres or on video. i know i owned the book too because when i was cleaning a couple of years ago i found it in a draw that i never looked in. i don't know what's happened to it since. i think i'll have to look again when i go home. but last week i went to wal-mart (college student, so wal-mart trips are like life ^__^) and randomly looked in the $5 dvd bin. i picked it up and squee'd in the store. it was an amazing find and i bought it and watched it that night. new favorite dvd :)

*What is your favorite scene?* besides the extra scenes with rama and the princess my favorite scene would be when the windows in the attic burst open and it starts snowing into the room. the fun and beauty of that scene is just so gorgeous and love. it's amazing. ♥

*Who is your favorite character?*
as much as i love sara crewe to death i think my favorite character's are ms. minchin's sister and little lottie.

*Do you have a favorite quote?* maya: all women are princesses, it is our right.

*What do you enjoy most about the film?* i just love the whole movie and how while it may end off perfectly because of a fairly improbable circumstance i still think it's a wonderful movie and i love the ending. i love the part where sara gives her treat to the beggar family, where it's raining and she finds her papa living next door. it's just a great movie for every girl to watch. it's a self-esteem booster.

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