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Hi! ;D

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Hello everyone, I've been watching this community for a while but I haven't said anything. Well this time, my silence is broken :) My name is Michelle, I'm 17 living in Canada and this movie has always been my favorite since I was kid =)

When did you first see the film?
It was around the age of...8 back when my cousins we're living with me because I was watching the movie with them ;D

What is your favorite scene?
Oh wow, this is a tough question XD I have so many favorite scenes :) I guess I'll tell you 3 of them ^_^ It was at the beginning of the movie, When the girls try to get the locket back and...the storytelling time :)

Who is your favorite character?
The main character herself: Sara ;D Because she brings life to the school while Miss Minchin's bringing the girls's hopes down :( And she doesn't give up, she keeps going at it because she believes :)

Do you have a favorite quote?
I have 3 fave quotes ^_^
Captain Crewe: I believe that you are and always will be...my little princess.
Amelia Minchin: Sara! Quick! It's Lottie! I think she's possessed!
<Sara Crewe: I am a princess. All girls are. Even they live in tiny old attics, even if they dress in rags, even they aren't pretty or smart or young. They're still princesses...all of us.

What do you enjoy most about the film?
I basically love everything because this movie, because it gives you hopes and dreams and it tells you not to give them up and keep them alive. :)

And to show my love for Sara, I want to plug the fanlisting I just finished working on :) Hope you'll join! ^_^

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On September 30th, 2009 11:20 pm (UTC), miss_kallahan commented:
Thanks for joining, filling out the survey and promoting your fanlisting. ^_^
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