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When did you first see the film?
Young, very young. I use to make my mother rent it every couple of weeks. And once she bought me the book on tape, and I would lay down in the living room and listing to it everyday.

What is your favorite scene?
That is a hard one. I think right after Sara goes up into the attic and drawing a circle around her. I do that when ever I feel scared of lonely.

*Who is your favourite character?*
Sarah. She is my all time idol. She is kind, has an imagination, and loves dolls.  I also have a thing for Ermengarde, she is a bit like me when I was younger. I never really could learn French.

*Do you have a favorite quote?*
You know, dolls make the very best friends. Just because they can't speak doesn't mean they don't listen.

*What do you enjoy most about the film?*
I love the overall look of the film. With all the green and stuff. I also love the overall message of hope. How even if you not in a very good place right now in your life, things can get better.

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