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When did you first see the film?
When I was a little girl myself. I can't remember exactly when but it has been one of those ones that has always stuck with me.

What is your favorite scene?
OMG, the end when she is being dragged away (and I'm weeping) and her Papa remembers, runs out and screams her name. Then the music (Papa - Patrick Doyle) swells and I weep (even more). One of the most beautiful scenes and musical pieces ever. Still sends waves of goosebumps through me to this day. LOL

Who is your favourite character?*
Either Sarah or Captain Crew (Papa). Sarah is exactly what every girl should strive to be. Strong, brave, classy, independent, respectful, and full of a lust for life. And Captain Crew is just a wonderful father and what I imagined my father would have been like if I knew him before he died. He loves and respects the women in his life, fights for all life, and wishes to do as much good as he can in the world.

Do you have a favorite quote?
[Captain Crewe has just presented his young daughter with a doll named Emily]
Capt. Crewe: "Whenever you're afraid, or miss me terribly... just tell Emily. And she'll get the message to me, wherever I am. And I'll send one back right away... so that when you hug her... you'll really be getting a hug from me." falters
Sara Crewe: "...It's alright, Papa. I'm going to be fine."

(this especially because it shows how difficult it is for him, how brave she really is, ...and her doll has the same name as me. ;) )

What do you enjoy most about the film?
All of it? LOL All the themes of bravery and imagination, and belief in ones self and choices to have happiness in life. Wanting to tell and be told a wonderful story. Looking beyond the surface and finding joy in what matters. Happiness, love, and magic. The thing about this film is it always gets inside me and just flows through the heart. Not many movies can do that. It truly is a stunningly beautiful film and one of my favorites.
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